петък, 27 май 2016 г.

The ArtAK Wife of Bath large shoulder tote bag is handcrafted in Miami from lightweight
3mm thick premium merino wool designer felt of the highest quality. It ha a magnetic top
center clip closure, a front slide pocket, an inside mobile phone pocket, two inside medium
pockets (fits wipes and diapers) and an outside big pocket. The AK bag also includes two
side straps to keep bottles in place. Two straps to hook onto strollers hooks will also be
sewn on each side if requested. You can also choose the colors you want your bag to be
and also have your name or initials embroidered on it.
The AK bag is fashionable, stylish, lightweight, durable and outstanding in every way
It is definitely a bag made for busy women! The AK bag is just the right size for the modern
woman who, like the Wife of Bath in Geoffrey Chaucer’s “ The Canterbury Tales”, is a
shrewd business woman who likes to keep everything organized.

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